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  • There are moments in time—especially if you are a Mom—when escaping reality is not only a dream; it is a necessity. Chris & Lisa—Masters of Motherhood and escapism—have raised hiding from reality to an art form. This page is dedicated to those things that allow you to pretend, for the time it takes to read a book or watch twenty three episodes of a really great television show—to be someone else, to do something else--take a lover, shoot people, or to just get as far away from reality as possible. We thought we would share these secrets with you. As you can see, thanks to Chris, they are both big fans of the Stephanie Plum series of books written by Janet Evanovich. And ladies, let us tell you, reading one of these before you go to bed would make your husbands very happy. This page will focus on books, music, movies, television and any other subject that Chris and Lisa find, well, cool. They will review books and movies and will display their favorite excerpts. You will also be able to check out their photo albums. Please feel free to suggest any books or movies or cool stuff for Chris and Lisa to review

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