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Mayhem and Motherhood

  • Welcome to the Mayhem and Motherhood portion of our show. Since Lisa and Chris are both stay-at-home-mom’s (or SAHM’s for those of you who need a title) much of what they have to say revolves around kids, husbands, pets, public schools, and the basic struggles every Mom faces. Things like, “What is the point of cleaning the house if the kids will just dirty it again?” “Which food groups do PopTarts really belong in?” and “What’s the point of making homemade when they will only eat what comes out of a box?” Here is where you will find the many answers to those questions and more. We welcome your comments, questions, and criticism but beware—we are not big believers in self-esteem, A’s for effort, or political correctness –and they are not shy about saying so to you or to each other. So just remember, if you want to dish it out, ya’ better be willing to take it.