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About Us

It has often been noted that two women who are complete strangers can walk into a restroom at the same time and emerge new “best friends.” This phenomenon usually occurs at weddings and keg parties and other places where large quantities of alcohol are consumed and the number of toilets is way too few. It has occasionally been known to happen during a sober moment. That is how Lisa and Chris met--both wandered into a blog and began the back and forth political debate that happens between a red-stater and a blue-stater. This went on for quite a while before they discovered that although separated by miles and miles on political subjects they actually had more in common than not. During a particular political debate, Lisa discovered Chris’ love of chocolate and Chris discovered Lisa’s love of biscotti baking. They both acknowledged their life sustaining need for coffee and a friendship was born.

Chris is married and a mother of three young children. Lisa is divorced and a mother of three grown children. They both have a twisted sense of humor and are blunt beyond what is considered good manners. Both would rather wear jeans and a sweatshirt than anything that requires high-heels and both of their mothers think this wardrobe issue is tragic and cause for major alarm and concern. Chris is a New Englander, which according to press reports from the last presidential election, makes her an ivy-league elitist. Unfortunately, no one informed her that this was to be her role in life so she attended a small Catholic college run by Benedictine monks. While this experience was not bad for Chris, there is a whole community of monks who were emotionally traumatized by the four years they spent with her. Being a connoisseur of collard greens and cornbread, Lisa is a Southerner through and through. Unfortunately for her mother, Lisa didn’t take her “southern belle” schoolin’ too seriously. She is a call ‘em like she sees ‘em kind of girl.

The more they talked the more apparent it became that they were actually twins separated at birth—the fact that one is ten years older is irrelevant. Born into a crazy family, one was adopted by an equally crazy family in a giant experiment that has yielded two crazy women. Because you lose brain cells each time you give birth, neither woman has a fully functioning brain and have discovered that although it strains the bounds of scientific explanation, they share a brain. This makes things difficult because only one of them can use the communal brain at a time. This leaves the other one floundering through life completely unarmed. So what, this is how mothers tend to feel anyway.

Lisa’s kids are teenagers and college age. Chris’s kids don’t appear to be aging anyone but her. Lisa is a blonde without benefit of a bottle, Chris is a brunette—but the grey is starting to creep in and although she intended to grow old gracefully she meant to do it later. She is a brunette with the help of Miss Clairol. They have joined together here on their own blog to educate, amuse and insult you while discussing the various topics of the day. These include politics, parenting, the medicinal value of shopping and eating things that are bad for you and whatever else we feel like.

We hope you enjoy our schtick and join the TwoBabesAndABrain community. Life is so much better if you can laugh and here you can laugh at us.